Variable Products

Updated on July 12, 2022

A variable product is necessary when there are variations in info on the product (different prices/shipping info/inventory available). Using this will create a drop down menu for your customer to choose from.

Example: Selling a t-shirt available in small, medium and large. The sizes would be the variables for this product.

Create a Variable Product

  1. Find “Products” in the dark gray menu to left of your screen on the back end of the site. Either hover over the word product and choose add new or click products. This will show you all the products currently on the site. At the top of the page will be an Add New button.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Product name: Put the name you would like listed as the product’s title.
    • Description: In the text area below the name, type a description telling your customers more about the product.
  3.  Scroll down to the Product data section. Choose “Variable Product” from the drop-down menu. The product options will update.
  4. Click on “Attributes”. Another drop-down will be visible with the option “Custom product attribute” selected. Open the drop-down and choose “Options” then “Add”. A new area will appear. Check “Used for variations”. Click “Select all” below the area saying “Select terms”. The numbers 1-5 will show up. “Save attributes” when ready.
    • Delete any unneeded options by clicking on the small “x” next to the option’s name.
    • Add any additional options by clicking Add new below the value(s) field.
  5.  Click on “Variations”. Choose “Create variations from all attributes” in the drop-down menu and “Go”. Click “Ok” on the tow pop-ups that appear. You will need to wait between the first and the second for the variations to load. Now, you will now see an accordion list of the variable names. Click on the desired variable to expand the options.
    • Select the check box to “Manage stock?”. A new line will appear called “Stock quantity”. Change the number to reflect the amount of items you have available.
      • If you forget this, people can continue to buy the product until you delete the product.
    •  Set the price in “Regular price” and input a “Sales price” if it applies.
      • If the shipping information is different for each option, you will need to fill out the weight and dimensions in this variable area. If the info is the same for all the variables, the shipping info can be inputted in the shipping tab (under inventory).
      • IWDS would suggest you add a description to each product option so people know which item they’re ordering. This can be a simple as typing the color of the piece.

No need to make changes in the General, Inventory, Linked products, or advanced tabs.

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