Update or Add Buttons

Updated on November 22, 2022

Update Existing Buttons

  1. Navigate to the desired page or post.
  2. Click edit in the corner of the button widget.
  3. Update the Button Text by retyping the information shown in the field. This is what your site visitor will read.
  4. Most often updating a button will require changing the Destination URL as the previously used document or web is outdated.
    1. To link to a page or post on the site: click select content next to the Destination URL field. This will bring up the full list of pages and posts of the site.
    2. To link to an external web page: copy the web address into the destination field.
    3. To link to a document on your site: Go to your Media Library and click on the document you would like to link to. A popup will appear. On the left will be a document preview with the right having additional information about the image. Scroll down to the “Copy Link” field and copy the link displayed here. Example: https://www.[Your Site Domain]/wp-content/uploads/[Year]/[Month]/[Document Title].[Document Type]
  5. Click “Done” in the bottom right corner of the popup when ready. Don’t forget to update the page when all changes are made.

Add New Button

  1. Navigate to the desired page or post.
  2. While in Page Builder view, click add widget.
  3. In the search widgets field, type button. Click on the block for SiteOrigin Button to add it to your page or post.
  4. To edit the field, click edit in the rightmost corner of the widget block.
  5. Use the instructions above.

You will not need to make changes to the button’s design if your site was designed after January of 2019. The font, color, size, etc. is controlled in the sites’ code.

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