Email Settings

Updated on July 12, 2022


After building the form, you will need to edit some settings before you’re ready to display it for visitors.

  1. Click “Settings” at the top of the page.
  2. Click “Email”.
  3. Type the address(es) that should receive the email submissions.
  4. “From Name” is what the email will be display as the sender to you when it’s received. I suggest using smart tags to fill this field in with the name your submittee input. To do this, click the “<>” at the end of the field. Then select “first Name” and “Last Name” or “Name” depending on the fields collected in your form. Another option would be to fill this in with something like “[your site name] Website”.
  5. “From Address” will automatically be field with {admin_email}. It can be left as is
  6. Reply to should be set to the email address collected in the form. Click the “<>” at the end of the field. Then select the email field that correlates to the contact. If no reply to address is inputted, you will not be able to reply directly to the email submission in your inbox.
  7. “Email Subject” can be changed to whatever you’d like it to be. Smart tags can be inputted into the subject line as well.
  8. Email message can be left as is. If you would like a custom email output, please contact Iroc Web Design Service.
  9. If you are collecting files in the form, scroll below the email message. Check the “Send File As Attachment” box.

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