Save & Preview Changes

Updated on July 12, 2022

Changes made to your site are not visible until you click publish (if a new page/post) or update (when editing a previously created page/post).

Preview changes before saving

This option will allow you to view changes to the page or post before making them visible on the site.

  1. Make desired changes to your post or page.
  2. Click “Preview Changes” in the upper right corner of the Edit Page screen (Preview Changes Step 2).
  3. This will open a new tab showing your changes.
  4. To save changes to the site, go back to the edit page. Click “Update”.

View Changes once applied

Once publish or update is clicked, the changes you made are applied to the site.

  1. To view your changes, navigate to the page on the front end of the site.
  2. If you still see the old page, reload your web page by clicking the circle arrow next to the web address area (View Changes Step 2).

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