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Updated on July 12, 2022

The page attributes dialog box is located in the right of your screen under the publish box (Image 1). If you do not see the Page Attributes box, be sure you are on a page and not a post.

Page Attributes are used to organize the All Pages screen. Iroc Web Design Services will hand over the site to you with the page attributes set up to mirror the menu of your site. This option is available purely for back end organization and does not affect the front end. Editing the page attributes does NOT add the item to your menu. Please read this article to add page post to menu.


This is a way to edit the hierarchy of your pages. The parent is the top level page with those underneath it being called children. Parents are very important if your site has breadcrumbs as it will show the path of how the viewer got to that page.

  • Example: Your parent page is “About” and your child page is “History”. When you view all pages, the title “History” will have an indentation and “-” in front of (Image 2). When you go to the “History” page (on the front end of the site) and look at the website address, the address will read [siteaddress]/about/history (Image 3). If the site has breadcrumbs, the words “Home | About | History” will be displayed under the page title.


Automatically the all pages screen will be in alphabetical order based on the page title. By placing a number in the order box, you are overriding the standard alphabetical order. IWDS chooses to have the order number be in groups of ten. You do not need to continue this, but we find it to be easier.

  • Example: I want “History” displayed above “About our Culture” under the “About” parent. In this example, “History” would have the order number of 10 (not 1) and “About our Culture” would be 20 (not 2). IWDS does this so additional pages can be added between the numbers. Later, I want to add the page “Jobs” above “About our Culture”. Because I have the orders as 10 and 20 on my previous pages, I can make the order value of “Jobs” 15. If I had not done this, I would have to go back through and change the order numbers for each page.

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