Insert Document Link into Text

Updated on July 12, 2022
  1. Navigate to the desired page or post.
  2. While in Page Builder view, click “Edit” on the SiteOrigin Editor block where your document link will appear.
  3. Position your cursor where the document link will be shown.
  4. Click “Add Media” below the page title.
  5. Choose the document (preferably a pdf) from the Media Library and click “Insert into page”.
  6. Back on the page editor, a blue link will display. The link title will automatically be the document’s title.
  7. If your document is a PDF or Word Document, be sure to put each document on a separate line and bullet the list. The site is coded to show the bullet as a PDF or Word icon on the front end of the site. Put even a single document in a bulleted list to get the icon on the front end.
  8. Change the link title by clicking on the link. When the cursor is inside the link text, a preview of the full web link will appear below the text. Type like normal to change the title but be sure your text is always showing in blue.

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