Image Galleries

Updated on July 12, 2022

**Image galleries are inserted into the SiteOrigin Editor.

Add New Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to the editor section you would like the gallery added. Put your cursor at the spot you want the gallery and click “Add Media” below the widget title.
  2. In the gray menu to the very left of the popup will be the option to “Create Gallery”, choose this.
  3. Navigate through your Media Library clicking on the images you would like to include in the gallery. Selected images will show a blue check-mark.
  4. Click create a new gallery in the lower right of the popup when all images are selected.
  5. All selected images will be shown in the “Edit Gallery” screen along with “Gallery Settings” in the right gray column. Play with the options in “Gallery themes” and “Columns” to get the desired look.
    • We suggest not using more than 4 columns in any given gallery.
    • Use the same settings as any other galleries used on your site for consistency.
  6. Click update gallery when ready.
  7. The gallery should be shown as a preview in your editor. Click “Update” or “Publish” to save changes to your page.

Order Your Images

While in your gallery preview, drag & drop the image previews into the desired order.

Update Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to the editor section containing your gallery. Click edit to open the editor.
  2. You will see a grouping of photos, click on this.
  3. A pencil icon will appear above the grouping along with an x. The x will delete the gallery. Click the pencil to edit.
    • You can add captions to the photos if you would like.
    • Delete photos by clicking the x.
    • To add new images, look in the gray menu to the very left. Choose “Add to Gallery”; find the photos you need in your media library.

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