Menu: Edit Item Name

Updated on November 22, 2022
  1. Hover over “Appearance” located in the left menu on the back end of your WordPress site. Select “Menus” .
  2. Once on the menu page, look to the section that displays your current menu structure. Click on the carat pointing down located on the right edge of the menu item border.
  3. The Navigation Label should match the page title unless it has already be edited.*
    • The original title of the page will be displayed in the section call Original. 
  4. Change the Navigation Label to the desired phrase or word. We suggest keeping your labels as short as possible.
    • Example:  Your page title is “Services created to cater to all customers”. The title should be shortened as it’s very long. We suggest you change it to a one-two word phrase such as “Services”. Your visitor will know exactly what to expect when they come to the services page.
  5.  Save Menu when ready.

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