Bulk Select

Updated on July 12, 2022

Bulk select will be used most often to delete or move a large number of files at once.

  1. Navigate to the word Media on the left menu on the back end of your WordPress site.
  2. Below the Media Library header is a white block that stretches across the entire screen. Click the Bulk Select option.
  3. You are now able to click on multiple files in a single folder.
  4. Once they are selected, their border will turn blue and a blue check will appear in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

After choosing the desired files, you have multiple options:

Delete Items

Click the blue Delete Selected button under the words Media Library.

Move Items

Click on the selected files and start to drag them where you would like to move them. As they are being moved, the first selected image will appear in the thumbnail along with the number of photos being moved. The folder border and/or title will appear blue as you attempt to move the files to the folder.

Cancel Selection

Click the gray button called “Cancel Selection” next to the “Delete Selected” button

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