Menu: Add Page/Post

Updated on November 22, 2022
  1. Create the new post or page. Be sure the post or page is published, not saved as draft.
  2. Hover over “Appearance” located in the left menu on the back end of your WordPress site. Select “Menus”.
  3. The page header should read “Menus” with a preview of your menu displayed. Left of this preview will be a menu with the header “Add menu items” above it. Click pages or posts (depending on the type created in step 1) from the drop down options.
  4. Three tabs are available to choose from: Most Recent, View All or Search.
    1. If the page/post was just created, it should be listed on the top of the most recent tab.
    2. View all will display information as shown on all pages/posts.
    3. If you want to quickly find your page/post, search for the title under the search tab.
  5. Once added, the title would be pushed to the bottom of your current menu. Read this article for more information or reorganizing your menu items.
  6. Save Menu when ready.

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