Products: Add New or Update

Updated on November 22, 2022

Hover over “Products” in the dark gray menu to left of your screen and click add new. Fill in as much of the follow information as possible:

Product name / Description

Put the name you would like listed as the product’s title. In the text area below the name, type a description telling your customers more about the product.

Product data

Put a price in the regular price area. If the cost is a range depending on a customer choice, put the range in the description.

Product category

Look to the right most column of the page to find product categories. This is how your products are grouped. This makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. Go through and check any and all categories you would like this product to appear in. There is no limit. If your product does not have a category it will ONLY show on the all products page. If you have created a new category for this product, please view the additional product category instructions below.

Product tag

This is an additional source of organization. To view those that have already been used, click “Choose from the most used tags”. If you add a new one and don’t write it exactly how it was previously written, you will have multiple tags. Example: the tag Rose has already been created. If you add the tag Roses, you will have 2 tags (Rose & Roses) when you want only one.

Product image

This is updated exactly the same as the featured image on a page. This photo will be shown to customers on the product listing pages and will be the first photo shown on the individual product page.

Product gallery

If you would like to add more than one photo, use the product gallery.

  1. Click “Add product gallery images”.  This will open your media gallery.
  2. Click set when you have found the desired photo(s). To choose multiple hold down the Ctrl key while selecting photos; all selected photos will show a blue check mark in the top corner.
  3. Before clicking update, make sure the photo(s) preview(s) is/are showing where the Add product gallery images link was before.

Update Existing Product

  1. Click on “Products” located in the dark gray menu to left of your screen on the back end of the site. This will show you all the products currently on the site.
  2. To choose a product, click on its name or hover over the name until the word edit appear below it.
  3. This will open that individual products’ page.
  4. Save Product when ready.

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