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Updated on November 22, 2022

Your first step will be determining whether you should create a page or a post. **Posts are dated, pages are not. Pages are generally the cornerstone content of your website.

From here on, the instructions will say page. The process is the same for adding a post.

Add a New Page or Post

  1. While logged into the back end of the site, hover over “Page” located in the dark gray WordPress menu along the left side of your screen.
  2. Click “Add New” from the menu.

Add A Title

Enter your page in the first field. It will say “Enter title here”. The page title can be something as simple as “Services” or something longer like “Our High Quality Services”.  

The title will automatically be the menu item text if you choose to enter the page into your menu. Learn to edit menu item name.

Text placed in the page title field will automatically adapt to match your website’s design: make it bold (if necessary), add the correct font color, size, and family.

Add Content to the Page

The content area is where the description and page information goes. This area is located below the page title.

There are three way to view and edit the content area. You can toggle between them using the three tabs in the top right corner of the content area.

Three Content Area Views:

  1. Visual: Use this view if you are adding a page that is only text. That means no pictures, buttons, or structure. The visual view is the fastest way to add content. Editing is similar to working with a Word document.
  2. Text: The HTML coding view of your visual text changes. Do not use this view unless you understand HTML coding.
  3. Page Builder: Allows for the creation of page structure. Additional information on building page structure.

Save & Preview Changes

Changes made to your site are not visible until you click publish (new page) or update (already published page).

Preview changes before saving

This option allows you to view changes before making them visible on the site.

  1. Click “Preview Changes” in the upper right corner of the Edit Page screen. This will open a new tab showing your changes.
  2. To save changes to the site, go back to the edit page. Click “Update”.

View changes once applied

Once publish or update is clicked, the changes you made are applied to the site.

  1. To view your changes, navigate to the page on the front end of the site.
  2. If you still see the old page, reload your web page by clicking the circle arrow next to the web address area.

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