Add Link to Content

Updated on October 4, 2022

Links can be added directly into your content text. This can be done on any page or post where a content area is available.

Link to a Document in Your Media Library

If you have not already added your document to your Media Library, do so using these instructions.

  1. Navigate to the desired page or post. Place your cursor where you would like this link to appear in your text.
  2. Click “Add Media” below the page title.
  3. Choose the document (preferably a pdf) from the Media Library and click “Insert into page”.
  4. Back on the page, the link title will automatically be the document’s title. You can change this by clicking on the link and starting to type. Make sure the typed text continues to show in blue.
  5. If creating a list of PDF or Word Document, put the documents as a bulleted list with each document on a separate line. The site will replace the bullet with a PDF or Word icon on the front end.

Link Email Address or Phone Number in Text

  1. Highlight the email, phone number, or text you’d like to link. Click the chain link icon in the text editor menu.
  2. Email: The following will automatically populate if you highlighted an email address. Otherwise, type “mailto:” followed by the email address where it says “Paste URL..”.
  3. Phone: Type “tel:+1 followed by the phone number (no dashes or periods) where it says “Paste URL..”.
    • Example “tel:+15633825174”
  4. Click the blue arrow icon.
  5. The email or phone number will now be a link.

Open Link in New Tab

This is only necessary if the link is an external link (any page that doesn’t start with your url i.e. Facebook, EventBrite, etc.). It is important for external links and documents to open in a new tab because it keeps visitors on your website.

  1. Navigate to the desired page or post. Click on the link you’d like to edit.
  2. Click the pencil icon then the gear icon. This will open a new window with editing options.
  3. Below the Link Text field is a check box reading “Open link in a new tab”. Check the box.
  4. Click “Update” in the bottom right corner of the popup.
  5. “Update” the page or post when ready.

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