Add an Image or Document

Updated on July 12, 2022
  1. Navigate to the word Media on the left menu on the back end of your WordPress site.
  2. There are two ways to get to the Add New page.
    • Hold your cursor over the word Media to allow the menu to appear. Choose Add New.
    • Click on the word Media. Choose the Add New button at the very top of the page next to the word Media Library. A section will appear under the button.
  3.  To add images and documents, click the button Select Files*. This will open the upload screen that shows the files on your computer. Click on the appropriate files. Pdf documents are added the same way.

Uploading into a folder

When adding files (whether image or text-based) be within the folder you want the file housed in. Check the folder you’re currently in by looking at the white menu to the left of the image files. The current folder name will be shown in blue. Click on the correct file until it blue, if you need to be in a different folder.

If you accidentally put the photo in the wrong folder, drag and drop it into the correct folder.

* Images, documents, etc. can be added by dragging them in from the folders on your computer. 

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