Add A Title

Updated on July 12, 2022

When creating a New Page, you will need to choose a page/post title. The title will go in the first space available on the page/post. On a new page/post, the placeholder text will read “Add title”.

The title will automatically be the tab name if you choose to enter the page into your menu. To change the tab title to something other than the page title, read this article.

The page title will be the first thing your viewer sees when they come to the page. It can be something as simple as “Services” or something more complex like “Services created to cater to all customers”.  Any text placed into this field will automatically adapt to the code we have placed on the h1 tag. Without giving an explanation on coding, you will not need to worry about making the text match the other headers on your site. It will automatically make it bold (if necessary), add the correct font color, size, and family. If other page/post titles are displayed in all caps, there is no need to type the title in all caps as the code will change it on its own.

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