The Importance of Favicons

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The favicon, a tiny icon used as a logo of sorts for your site, is a god-send for browse-happy internet users. It may not seem like much of anything when you consider its size, but, man, does it help with site identification.

Think about people like myself who rarely have less than five tabs open at a time. A favicon lets me effortlessly see which sites I have loaded and switch between them to get my desired content. Adding this small but essential icon will help anyone with a website be professional and recognizable, no matter the industry.

In this post, expect to learn the definition of favicon and discover why it is necessary.

Users can easily find you

People no longer read or examine things closely. They scan.

Many of us have a list of websites in a bookmark list. A well-designed and visible favicon speeds up the ability to scan and find your site. Who would not want to be easily found by their fans?

Adds Credibility

You may be wondering what happens or what displays if you do not have a favicon. A WordPress site without a favicon will automatically display the WordPress logo. Other website builders use a similar practice. Regardless, you will get a generic output that is not related to your brand. Your site will look more trustworthy and credible if the favicon reflects your brand, not the brand of WordPress or another company.

Builds Brand Recognition

A favicon travels with your site around the internet, so think of it as your website logo. But remember, the favicon is not always your entire logo or even your logo at all. People see the favicon and recognize it as the identifier of your website. Using elements of your logo and branding system will increase the chance of people identifying your favicon as part of your overall brand.


Favicons are a small part of your website with a significant effect. Don’t let potential visitors pass you by because they can’t identify your site in a list of options.


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Last Updated: August 2, 2022