Importance of Developing A Brand

A brand is the visual representation of a business. The company logo is arguably the most critical part of branding, but a lot more goes into a successful brand. Companies should not stop at their logo. We will walk you through the importance of establishing your brand, what to discuss, and the value of a personally designed logo.

  • Importance of Establishing Your Brand

An established brand leaves no room for misuse.

Here’s an example: You hire Iroc Web Design Services to create a website for your company. A well-defined and documented brand provides all necessary info to every team member. We will have all your brand colors, image examples, logo variations, etc. in one spot. This information ensures a cohesive design that fits your brand’s vision with little to no questions.

What to Discuss

When your friend buys a car you may ask them its make, model, year, and mileage. There are similarly standard questions a designer or creator will ask about your brand: colors, fonts, logo variations, brand voice, and imagery.

  • Colors, fonts & logo variations: The style guide should include your brand colors, fonts, and logo variations. Develop a style guide if the original designer didn’t provide one. Here’s information on what to include and how to use a style guide.
  • Brand Voice: It’s wise to prepare examples and set standards of how you’d like your business to “sound” (brand voice) on social media, in writing, and so on. This step is essential for those hiring out jobs that require someone else to write content as your business: think copy-writing or social media management. To illustrate this, here are examples of content written in two different brand voices.

    “Friendly, Fun, Humorous: Yikes! That wasn’t supposed to happen. Give us a sec to figure things out.

    Serious, Refined, Elegant: Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. Delivering a superior experience to our customers is our top priority. We’re working hard to ensure a more seamless experience moving forward.” – Source: Copywriting Workshop: Brand Voice

    One of these examples may be appalling as an option for your business. That’s okay. Create a list of words that should describe the written style you’re going for, then create some example text.

  • Imagery Examples: Another great way to solidify your brand is by putting together a collection of images. This could be a mood board or a file full of images. Be sure the photos represent the business or the photo style you would like to use.

A well-developed brand informs people what to visualize and feel when they hear your company’s name.

But why does all of this matter?

Addressing these areas early and completely means you’ve set rules for how your business is to be seen by the public. This creates the golden rule in marketing a business, consistency.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2022