3 Tips to Pick Your Perfect Domain Name

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Selecting a domain name is an integral step in setting up a website. It is the first interaction your potential customer will have with your company’s digital presence. Every visitor will either type it in or be directed to it from a search engine or link. Think of it as your digital address. So, how do you choose an appropriate domain name? 

Purchase Your Full Business Domain Name

We recommend purchasing your full business name if it is available. Why? Let’s say your business takes off, and a competitor finds out your business domain is still available. They can purchase and redirect anyone who uses this web address to their website even though the visitor typed in what they thought was domain. Because I know you’re wondering, this is allowed. Though this scenario is rare, purchasing back your domain name can be difficult. You would have to contact the purchaser and hear their demands. They can request a purchase price or say they are not willing to sell. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. Avoid this possible problem by securing your full business web address right away.

Buy a Shortened Domain Name

Some business names are long or difficult to spell. Purchasing a shortened version of your business name will help your discoverability. For example, our domain name is irocwebs.com which is much shorter than our full name, Iroc Web Design Services. 

A concise domain has some other advantages.

  1. Purchasing an easy-to-remember domain increases the chance of someone connecting with you online. People do not retain long pieces of information. The shortened version does not even have to include your business name. It could use your location and business category. An example applied to our business would be neiawebs.com. 
  2. Do you advertise on the radio or purchase audio ads? Every second costs you money for this type of promotion. It takes a lot less time to say irocwebs.com than irocwebdesignservices.com.

Purchase Multiple Domains

You can own multiple domains. How does that work? Look at the options you have narrowed down, and decide which should be your primary domain. These additional options act as shortcuts and redirect to the main one. Visitors do not even notice this happening. 

It is worth noting that the goal is not to go broke from purchasing domains. There is no need to own twenty. Find one or two that serve their purpose and promote them. If down the road you would like to purchase another, that is perfectly fine.

At least one of your domains should be recognizable to your target audience. Remember, always purchase a domain name that includes your full name. Consider purchasing a shortened version or additional domains if it is necessary for your business. 

Now you have some insight into how to select your domain name. Are you still unsure or looking for suggestions? Our team can help brainstorm available options and purchase your final domain for you. You do not need to worry about maintenance or renewing. We can take care of it for you. Let’s talk!

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Last Updated: August 3, 2022