5 Product Photos Tips to Get More E-Commerce Sales

Pictures are worth a thousand words. E-commerce photos are worth a sale.

We’ve all visited a website with low quality, over edited, inconsistent product photos. Some of us may have even left the site because of them. Why? In a customers’ mind, the quality of photos translates to the quality of the product.

Things to consider when photographing and curating your product images:

Featured Image

The featured image for your product has to reel your customers in. This image should focus on your product with as little clutter as possible. Add staged images, if you have them, to the product gallery. People will be less likely to assume additional items are included if the first image they encounter is solely the product.

Product Gallery

Utilize the product gallery. Online buyers use your photos to decide on buying or passing on the product. If your item is multi dimensional, take images from multiple angles. Maybe include props for scale. The more info you can give them with a single image, the better.

Curate Your Photos

Include only your highest quality photos. The images cannot be blurry, at a weird angle, or oddly colored. The goal is to provide your potential customers with images that best represent the item in real life.

Be Consistent

As is the case with branding, consistency is king. Use the same lighting, scale, & background whenever possible. This will allow customers to really focus on your product.

Use What You Have

You don’t need a professional or fancy camera to take great photos for your online shop. Smartphones are great resources with incredible camera capabilities.

These are general suggestions for those selling online, but rules are meant to be broken. Experiment with different photos & see what sells better, then run with it. What works for one business’ customers may not work for another.

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Last Updated: August 2, 2022
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