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Whalen Wood + Co

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Launching a new business has a lot of steps and things to think about! ⁠The owners of Whalen Wood & Co. understood the power of branding and came to us right away to help them put together their brand.⁠

Their business creates custom, handcrafted, statement furniture pieces for residential and commercial spaces with a specialization in table tops, desks, end tables, and charcuterie boards.⁠

They wanted a clean, modern, and simple logo with an old school vibe. An exclusively masculine design was not the answer, because their target market is mostly women looking for living space statement pieces. As a result, a gender neutral design was the best solution.⁠

The final brand includes three logo variations which can be swapped out depending on the situation. Their circle logo will even be used as a literal brand on all their finished pieces. ⁠