Wennes Communication Stations

Logo Design, Web Design

Wennes Communication Stations

Wennes Communication Stations has multiple radio stations in Northeast Iowa: KVIK, KNEI, KMRV, and KDHK. Our job was to create a single design for multiple functioning radio stations. The individual radio teams had unique needs for their listeners. Our design allowed for easy customization of sites while still sharing content and an overall aesthetic.

An additional goal was to cross-promote content. With a live Facebook and SoundCloud feed featured on their home pages, each site calls to multiple forms of social media that share content. The public has the opportunity to add content to the site by submitting a community news article that will feature their community event or organization announcement for all visitors to read.

While I’m not 100% Technological Neanderthal, I don’t have the foggiest notion about website design or building. I DO know that I want to be able to update our websites like we DO know what we’re doing.

Cori and Alison have made that magical combination happen. Our websites are cool looking, easy to navigate and best of all, the updating is VERY simple and employees are able to find their way around the sites and help to keep them looking up to date and sharp. Cori and Alison took the time to really talk to us about our new sites. They have also been VERY helpful in helping us find our groove with the new sites. I especially like the email “how to” lists that I’ve gotten when I have had questions about a process. I recommend Iroc to people all the time and will continue to do so.

Janelle Halverson, Traffic/On Air/General Station Flunky