Upper Iowa Resort

Marketing Materials, Web Design

Upper Iowa Resort was sold in early 2021 to Colton & Tessa. The new owners wanted to continue the campground’s mission of providing a family-friendly atmosphere. At the same time, they knew there were some necessary updates including the website.

The goal of the new website was to create a modern and appealing experience. Easy navigation was also a must. They wanted a link for campsite and cabin reservation clearly available for all online visitors.

Additionally, the owners wanted to highlight what sets them apart for other campgrounds. “We have visited many other campgrounds in Northeast Iowa to develop a better understanding of what campers look for when choosing a campground to stay at. We found successful campgrounds focus on creating an experience with a family-friendly atmosphere and outdoor activities. Many campgrounds offer seasonal and weekend campsites. A few offer cabins and other rentals. Upper Iowa Resort has it all with cabins, camping, swimming, and rentals.”

Campground Map

Upper Iowa Resort also asked us to refresh their campground map. The original map was no longer accurate which caused confusion for campers and staff. “To have the pool on the [correct] side, we showed the map upside down to visitors to point them in the right direction.”

Our solution was to completely start over. We rotated the design placing the Upper Iowa River at the top of the map. The river was also redrawn to follow the actual bend of the river along the campground. These changes made it easier for visitors to orient themselves in the campground. The next step involved placing campground landmarks and sites as close to their real-life location as possible. We used drone videos, Google Maps, and direction from Tessa to accomplish this task.

“Thank you to Iroc Web Design for flipping the map around and bringing it up to date.”