The Gluten Free Mentor

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The Gluten Free Mentor

Jenny Stegen is the mother of four celiac children. Her goal is to share the knowledge she’s gathered through her family’s celiac journey.

Our team started our journey with The Gluten Free Mentor blog by designing a logo and putting together branding standards (colors, fonts, etc.). These standards carry through all areas of her content from the website’s design to the downloadable pdfs she offers on her site.

Bright colors and ample white space create a modern and feminine aesthetic perfect for her target audience: busy mom’s on-the-go.

As a mother of four children with celiac disease, I had a dream of creating a website and blog where I could share advice that would help others. I struggled with trying to build a website all on my own and soon realized this could not be done without help.

A good friend told me about Iroc Web Design. From the very start, Cori and Alison understood my goals. They helped me build an aesthetically pleasing website that would appeal to my audience. They helped organize my content, create a beautiful home page, design my logo, and fine-tune my graphics. Every step of the way they added special touches. Any time I ran into a problem, I could call or email and they had a solution to meet my needs. I feel so reassured knowing they will keep my site up to date and secure. Cori and Alison are experts in web building and design. No matter what your goals, they will find a way to create something unique that will exceed your expectations. They made my vision come to life. I highly recommend Iroc Web Design. Five stars for their services!

Jenny Stegen, Blogger