Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County

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Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County

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Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County, SASCC, provides prevention programming in schools and the community to those 5-85 years of age. They also specialize in substance misuse evaluations, referrals, aftercare and resources for the people of Clayton County.

In 2020, SASCC came to IWDS looking for an updated website and logo. Their past logos had featured many graphics but none that truly captured the organizations’ core mission and values. A discussion between their board and local high school students defined a list of five words that best describes what SASCC does: prevention, education, assistance, community, and evaluation. The goal was to create a recognizable logo that called to as many of their five words as possible.

Defining the organization’s new brand made the creation and design of their new website a breeze. The design is very straight forward and focused heavily on the user experience.