Pinter’s Garden & Pumpkins

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Pinter’s Garden & Pumpkins

Pinter’s Garden & Pumpkins’ patrons struggled to find information in regards to hours of operation and services at their two locations. This resulted in the center being berated with phone calls from confused visitors.

The redesign placed this information in easy to find locations alongside photos showing the experiences of others at the garden and candy shop. Their new website’s success proves that even a small-town garden center can do big things when information is easily conveyed to the visitor.

I would recommend Iroc Web Design Services because they are a local business that does a great job!

If you have a problem, they are very helpful in getting it fixed. Likewise, they get questions taken care of immediately. These are qualities I look for in a business.

Elisa Pinter, Owner

Pinter's Garden & Pumpkins' website on computer and laptop