Skräp Work

Ecommerce Websites, Web Design

Skräp Work’s owner had previously been selling her one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood pieces on Etsy to a great fan base. As is the goal with many Etsy shop owners, she wanted to remove herself from the platform to take complete control of her business. In 2019 we designed, developed, and launched a completely customized e-commerce website that allows her to sell directly to her customers. Using social media, email marketing, placement in area stores, and word-of-mouth advertisement, this little business has exploded. She offers periodic product restocks on her site that often sell out within hours.

After most restocks, we discuss the things that went well and any changes she’d like to make to improve her customer’s experience based on their feedback. We often bounce ideas off of one another and work through the pros and cons.

We can by no means take credit for her success. We simply work to give our clients the tools to succeed and offer any advice we can. Our main goal is to have our client’s succeed no matter what their definition of success may be!