K&K Gardens

Web Design, Logo, Business Cards, Brochures

K&K Gardens

With over 40,000 plants available, K&K Gardens is a destination for any gardener.

In 2011, the garden center owner came to us for the creation of their logo. Since then, we have designed business cards, brochures, websites and merchandise for their use. Their brochure offers potential clients an opportunity to get a taste of what to expect when they visit their beautiful location. “65% of tourists used brochure display racks during their trip” (source).

The previous web site design by IWDS for this garden center was well loved by many people across the internet, so the stake were high in the spring of 2019 as we redesigned their website design. The previous design had a moving background the included flying butterfly and windswept grass. With an owner that is excited for the next chapter in the business’ online identity, we were able to update the design with vector illustrations (Dasha Efremova) in the redesign. Don’t be fooled by the site’s playful nature. Our main goal in the redesign was the creation of a mobile friendly plant database.

Previously, patrons had to look up plants at home, print off the information, and bring it into the store. Post-redesign patrons can look up plant information from anywhere. If they’re interested in seeing the plant instore, they can just pull up the webpage. This saves time, energy and even paper for both sides of the equation.

K&K Gardens brochures on wood table
K&K Gardens business cards in tree
K&K Gardens Gnome Window Decal on white vehicle
K&K Gardens Children Window Decal on silver car
K&K Gardens's website on computer and laptop

“Beautifying the World, One Plant at a Time.”

– K&K Gardens

K&K Gardens' website on computer and laptop