Iowa Reading Association

Web Design

Iowa Reading Association

Every association has information to get out to their members whether it’s ways to get involved or membership. Iowa Association of Reading is no different.

The IWDS team was able to help the association’s board better organize their information to improve the user’s experience and ability to find desired information. Overall, the board was trilled to have a brand new, mobile responsive website to promote their association’s future plans.

The Iowa Reading Association and Iroc Web Design Services have been partners for many years. Our former Executive Director, Clark Goltz, knew of Cori and the talents he had as a webmaster. In recent years we have also worked with Alison, who makes any of our suggestions look professional and appealing to the eye. Both of these people are easy to work with and as a volunteer in an organization that doesn’t have a lot of knowledge in web design, I can assure you, this company makes you feel so at ease. They are timely and willing to help in any way possible. We have a new website and I am confident IWDS will continue to make our publications the envy of other professional organizations. We are so pleased.

Deb Mortensen, Secretary/ Newsletter Editor