Allamakee County Conservation Board

Web Design

Allamakee County Conservation Board

“Key reasons consumers switch devices or give up on content altogether: The content is unattractive in its layout or imagery – 35% switch devices; 38% stop engaging.”Adobe

When considering a design for a nature-related organization, colors and photography are everything. Using vibrant shades of green, orange, and blue allowed us to keep the design in a natural color scheme while still exciting the eye.

Beyond the general design, the organizers wanted to highlight facilities across the county including their newly constructed Driftless Center. This space holds exhibits relating to the Mississippi River and its impact on the past and present population. The conservation board even installed a webcam that streams live video via a link on the site’s home page to stay up to date on current river conditions. Lucky for the residents of Allamakee County, this is not the board’s only facility. The site displays an interactive map that shows park, canoe access, boat ramp, and trail locations across the county. The map features color-coded markers based on the facility’s category.

Allamakee County Conservation Board's website on laptop
Allamakee County Conservation Board Mockup

Allamakee County Conservation Board's website on computer and laptop