Accredited Certifiers Association

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Accredited Certifiers Association

There’s nothing better than having a customer impressed by our work. What we love even more is when they come back to us for other projects. Our relationship with Accredited Certifiers Association started with a call requesting a logo design. Since then, we have created their membership logo, business cards, and website.

The association’s logo design laid the foundation for all other marketing materials. Their logo needed to be warm, friendly and communicate collaboration. Because their logo gets used in so many ways and places, many variations were necessary. One included everything from the company’s full name to their tagline while another displayed the logo mark and company acronym. In 2019, a membership logo was added to their variations which allowed members to advertise their membership on their own materials.

Beyond applying the new branding to the website redesign, it was important to make a login space for members. The new site created the opportunity to utilize educational programs and enable blog postings.

With the rise of digital media, we forget how important tactile pieces such as business cards can affect your company’s professionalism. The main goal in the design of their business cards was to continue their well-established branding.

I have been extremely pleased with the appearance of our updated website, including our new logo design.

The Iroc Web Design Services team has been timely, responsive, and friendly to work with. The cost of services from IWDS was considerably less than estimates I received from other similar businesses. Importantly, I’ve always been very happy with the service. I’m really happy to be able to work with such a high quality company that is local to where I live and also so friendly and accessible.

Thanks for the work you do!

Jennifer Cruse, Coordinator

Accredited Certifiers Association's website on computer and laptop