East Buchanan Community School District

MFL MarMac Community School District

MFL MarMac Community School District serves the rural communities of Monona, Farmersburg, Luana, Marquette, McGregor & surrounding areas. Their marketing team’s goal was to create a bright, friendly website that captured their Bulldog pride while still being easy to navigate on all devices! Their team opted for a simple, straight forward homepage featuring links to … [Read More]

South Winneshiek Community Schools

Ease of navigation was the number one goal for the redesign of our local school’s website. Parents, students and teachers alike need to be able to easily get the information they’re looking for in the most direct manner possible. Many links were added to the homepage to aid visitors in finding the most requested information.

North Fayette Valley Schools

The redesign process for North Fayette Valley Schools began in 2018 with a desire for an information-rich website that showed off the successes of faculty and students. The school’s website features multiple calls to actions expertly placed to direct viewers from the home page. These CTAs included links chosen by the district such as the … [Read More]