Our Process

Our Process

There is no template of what we think your business "should be". We are devoted to creating the perfect website, logo or graphic for your brand's needs. But how can we accomplish this if we don't know your business or your business' goals? Over many years of designing, we have created the following design process to help us better understand you. We want to accentuate exactly what you are, the way you envision it.

Designer in the process of sketching

Step One

Get a Free Quote!

We offer high quality service at a fair price. To give you an accurate estimate, we need to have a full understanding of your project's requirements. Our discussion can take place via phone, email or an in-person meeting. Iroc Web Design Services will then offer you a negotiable, no obligation quote based on what you need.

You will never be charged for pre-project questions or consultations.

Step Two

Chat with us!

Iroc Web Design Services' designer will contact you to discuss your wants and desires for the new site's design. To better understand your style, the designer will ask you to collect examples of other sites you admire in addition to answering some questions. If you have no idea what you want, don’t worry. Our designer will create something that checks all your boxes.

Woman calling Iroc Web Design Services on a smart phone
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Step Three

Sit Back and Relax

Based on the information provided during the concept discussion, our designer will create a mock-up of our website's overall look. After the mock-up is complete, you'll be sent a link to view the concept design.

During this stage, your job is to continue collecting, creating and curating content for your website. This may include taking product photos, writing content for pages, collecting testimonials, and looking for any other inspiration in the world.

Step Four

Receive A Concept Idea

Our designer will email you a jpg of a proposed design for your business' website. Even though the design will look real, be aware that the jpg is not clickable. We make it look as functional as possible to give you an idea of the finished product. Be sure to follow the instructions to view your website mock-up. Don't think the design is set in stone as you have the option to offer feedback. Let us know what you do or don't like about the concept we've sent; we want to hear your ideas.

A designer in the process of creating an app wireframe
Woman giving two thumbs up to the camera

Step Five

Give us the go-ahead

Edits will continue until you’re happy with the direction of the new site. Once everything looks great, just give us the thumbs up. We'll start coding and developing your website into a working entity. This is the part of the process that often takes the most time. The turnaround depends on the complexity of your new site. We try our best to get you up and running in no time.

Step Six

Training & Wrap Up

With the completion of your site's build and launch, you will have a completely customizable content management system built into your website. We will train you so you have the knowledge and access to keep your site updated for your viewers. We recognize that technology has a vocabulary that can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. Our hope is to explain things in a basic way to give you the tools necessary for your business’ success.

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