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Update Password

  1. Hover over the “Users” tab on the WordPress menu on the left of the back end of the site. Click “Your Profile” to view your user settings and information.
  2. Scroll to Account Management section located below your profile picture avatar.
  3. Click “Generate Password”. The site will automatically create a jumbled, secure password. To change it to something you can remember, start typing it into the text area above the word strong. Note that your password is graded based on the security level as you type with the weak, medium, or strong written below the field. Do NOT save a weak password. The strongest passwords include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation mark.
  4. Click “Update Profile” at the very bottom of the page when ready.

*Please pay attention to the strength of your password. If you choose to use a weak password, you will be open the site up to possible threats.


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