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Export Entries

  1. Click on Caldera Form from the dark gray menu on the left of your screen. You will be directed to the Caldera Form Dashboard.
  2. Hover over the desired form, a list of options will appear below the form’s title: Edit, Disable, Entries, etc.
  3. Click “Entries”. The right column will be replaced with a list of entries to the form.
  4. At the top of the page will be buttons like “Active”, “Trash”, etc. Click the green “Export All” button. This will prompt a popup for a csv (Microsoft Excel style) document.
  5. Save or open it.

Note: Exporting will give you info on ALL entries in the list. If you only want a certain grouping, like the last week, delete all entries that are older from the Caldera Forms’ entries list.

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